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May 3

Backing Singer Documentary "Twenty Feet From Stardom", Get's A Trailer

A Sparkling new Trailer, for Music Documentary
"Twenty Feet From Stardom", has been revealed.
It's a behind the scenes, feature length look,
at the world of Backing singer's.
Featuring interviews with Sting, Mick Jagger, and Bruce Springstein, to name but a few, it looks like an interesting, funny insight, into some of the women, who have put their voices behind, some of the biggest musicians and bands in the business, and their efforts to step out from supporting their lives performances, and recordings, and establish themselves as artists, in their own right.

Directed by Morgan Neville, Twenty Feet From Stardom,
was shown at this years 2013 Sundance film festival, and is released in U.S. Cinemas on June 14th.




April 5 2013

Hello again friends, i hope you had a wonderful easter holiday
even if the weather was pretty meh, it's taken a while to update you on things due to some technical difficulties, and if there was some kind of internet viagra available, i would have used it, to get things
"up, and running!" Ha.

Over the last few weeks, i have been editing and organising music and
costumes, for a live show, which lord willing, i will stage in the not too distant future. I am looking for sponsors for the show, to help with providing costumes (some ideas i have require outfits to be hand made)
and to help with make up, and so on, any fashion designers, and venues which would be interested in the show, please contact me via my twitter,
I'm can't tell you much about the show itself here, because i want it to surprise you, but hopefully you will find it worth the wait.
I Don't think you'll be dissapointed

I've also been busy working continuing to work on, and study choreography, for some routines, and in between that wrote an exclusive on the "controversy" over the new Beyonce track "Bow Down",
which you can read at the Hip and Happenin Yuppee Magazine at I've been a Beyonce fan, for a long time, but if it's
time to tell it like it is, i tell it like it is. It's "Tough love".

I've also continued to develop ideas for my Catwoman Reborn script &
approached the producers of the sequel to "Prometheus", after hearing unconfirmed rumours that development was in trouble, to see if they would consider hearing my synopsis for it. I Don't know weather 20th Century Fox will entertain the idea of an unproven writer, working on the script, but i have written two unproduced screenplays, which were well received by the actors who read them, but fell apart over financing.
I think Sir Ridley Scott, is a genius filmaker, and i know i have some killer ideas that would bring new concepts to the film, and make it a thrilling and unpreditcable sequel, bringing in new life forms, while being set in the Prometheus Universe, but on an Avatar style scale.

A name, also came to me last weekend, for a fashion line i have had in my mind for some time, (sometimes the best ideas come to you when you least expect it), it's a great name, but i can't decide if it's too pretentious, i actually have a fashion line, in my business plan, as part of the progression of the company i'm trying to set up, but what i really need is a benefactor to come in so i can get started, i can only do so much myself, and with lending conditions, and the cuts to arts funding it's hard, i've been told before that some of my ideas were too big, only to scale back, and be told by other people, that i lack ambition, ha, but we'll see how things unfold.

So that's what i've, been busy with in the last month, and here is some, of what else, is going on.


April 5

From Russia With Style, Joan Smalls For Vogue


Runway Supermodel Joan Smalls, in an exquisite shoot
for the April issue, of Vogue Russia.

April 5 Zoe Saldana Glows For Latina Magazine


Latina Magazine's May issue, features a Glowing,
Zoe Saldana on the cover, and in a very colorful shoot.
The star of Colombiana, and the upcoming Nina Simone biopic, talks about her role as the legendary blues singer,
and she is just glowing in these photo's, look at that hair and make up, and i love the blue satin laboutins, with the ankle strap Zoe is wearing. Five pairs immediately to my wardrobe please!, (Anything Imelda marcos can do), i can do better!.

April 5

Mr Smooth, Always And Forever


Donell Jones, has released a cool video for his new song "Forever".
The man behind, one of my all time favorite R&B song's
"U know what's up", featuring the late, but never bettered Lisa Lopez,
which provides a pastel colored collection of romantic, sunlit scenes
to accompy, a slow smooth jam, that's the perfect drive along track for an early summer night. Nice track

April 5 Report-Janet Jackson To Retire From Music?

A Surprising and unconfirmed report on April 4, claimed that Janet Jackson has retired, from music.
Say it isn't so Janet!
Janet is alleged to be retiring, following her marriage to
Wissam Al Mana, and intends to convert to Islam.
I've tweeted Janet, about it, and until there's an official statement from janet herself, it's just rumour.
Janet Jackson, is one the greatest Artists of her generation, and is as musically relevant today as ever,
on her most recent tour she proved she is still a
sensational performer who continues to set standards in Dance. The question, if there's any truth to the story, is
wether Janet feels she has achieved everything she wanted to in her music career, and if making music
still excites her. Should Janet really be retiring, then she's earned it, she has spoken before about wanting to become a lawyer. In May, Janet is scheduled to appear at the Cannes film festival, in support of HIV, and aids charity amFAR, and has been producing a Documentary on transsexual, and transgender women.
Hopefully, the story is just a rumour, as i and many other's are looking forward to a new Janet Jackson Album, and Tour, and "This cat, has plans".

Janet Black and White

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