The Age of Wonder Begins

Wonder Woman Special Preview


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It's our sacred duty to defend the world and that's what I'm going to do.

Wonder Woman arrives in cinema's on June 2nd 2017. People have been waiting years
for her and she's on her way. Wonder Woman is more than a feminist icon, she emobies the humanity
the world needs. At the start of the film Diana the young amazon warrior pulls her future lover
Steve Rogers' from the ocean and save's his life. The image of Wonder Woman saving Steve is hugley symbollic because she isn't just saving the man she will come to love, she is saving mankind itself.

Like most heroes Diana's journey begins with a choice, the choice to leave what she loves behind
to save the world she sees in front of her. Diana's world is shattered by the arrival of soldiers bringing
war upon her home. She responds by making a decision to bring peace to ours.

Wonder Woman represents the kindness compassion and love within us before our cynical world
takes it from us. She is who we are when we look at the world for good and how we want it to be
as opposed to the violence and selfishness which is often inflicted upon it.
Wonder Woman is someone who uses her enormous strength to protect the world where others,
men and sometimes women, use their power to control it. When Wonder Woman arrives in War torn europe she sees a world where women are treat as less than equals, but she sees everyone as her equal.
Wonder Woman sets the standard not because she is perfect but because she loves.

When Wonder Woman hit's the big screen there will probably be people who write it off as a feminist lecture in a world where women have broken the glass celing but her power isn't something to be afraid of. She doesn't see men as less than women, she sees a world where women can teach men the value of
humanity in a world where qualities like compassion are seen as a weakness.

A good woman can help to make a man the best he can be. What Wonder Woman seeks to do is to make the world the best it can be. The world that Wonder Woman wants to make is a one where everyone is equal and where humanity vanquishes hate. She represents the world we want to live in
and the life we need today.


Wonder Woman is in cinema's from June 2nd 2016.
Starring Gal Gadot Chris Pine Robyn Wright Connie Kielsen Lucy Davis
Directed by Patty Jenkins
Screenplay by Geoff Johns

Mad Max-Fury Road Review


Mad Max Fury Road opened in cinema's around the world this week and it's extraordinary.
An action packed, relentless, and unforgiving look at a world gone mad. If the world seems to be on the edge, Fury Road, is a nightmarish vision of what might happen, if the world goes over the edge. A Hallucinatory, dream like experience , which has to be seen on the big screen.
The fourth in the Mad Max series is a reboot of sorts, it doesn't have the continuity to be in the timeline of the previous 3 films, but there are references to the previous films which fans will identify. Max's trademark car is briefly featured, and there is a flash back to the demise of a character from the first film as well as hint of the gyrocaptain from part 2. For people who've seen the original films there is a feeling of things being the same but different and this is played out through the films story. In the original films Max, a retired policeman roamed the highways of a post war world after losing his family to a band of murderous bikers. His journey after that was one of survival, dependent on fuel, gasoline, the most precious commodity in the world of Mad Max. In the story of fury road, that commodity has shifted to water. The film opens with Max once again being hunted by bandits, who capture max and decide to use him as commodity of they're own. If you've ever heard the expression "what do you want from me blood?", you'll know what Max is in store for. He then finds himself imprisoned in a strange world where a despot called Immortant Joe, has set himself up as the leader of a "town", and holds the people there ransom by controlling they're water supply. He's a mysogynist who exploits the women there in horrying ways, and has chosen five as his brides, and forced them to create heir's to his "kingdom". With the help of Charlize Theron's "Furiosa", the women make a break for it in a giant battle ready truck, with Max finding himself unwillingly brought along for the ride. Fate and uneasy alliances eventually allow Max to be freed, and as the film progresses Max finds himself aiding the women as they try flee the wasterland to a paradise that may await them across the desert sands. The evil Immortant Joe and his "disciples" a gang of young men called the war boys, follow them in hot pursuit, in a fight to the death. Fury Road is a searing, all out action film the likes of which hasn't been seen. It literally roars at you with it's smoke billowing engines, and at times it feels like the movie is literally SCREAMING at you, or that the characters or action are going fly off the screen and land in your lap.
This is Mad Max to the maximum.

Max himself is drawn slightly differently this time, Tom Hardy's take on the character is shaped by the story and world he finds himself in. The original Max, as played by Mel Gibson, was mad as in angry. This Max is more manic Max, on the edge Max. He spends most of time in state of panic, or neurosis, haunted by memories. At the beginning of the film Max goes through a crash and that in itself leaves him shaken and bruised. By comparison Charlize Theron's Furiosia is composed and determined. A Voice of moral authority who will do everything in her power to protect the women in her charge and get them to safety. Some critics have argued that Max is someone second fiddle to Furiosa, and that Fury Road is "feminist propaganda" but this is to miss the more subtle elements of the story. In Fury Road we are literally seeing the world and the story though Max's eyes. He's a man damaged and haunted by the demons of his past, wounded and if he is any way imasculated its not by the strength of the women he joins causes with, but because his psyche is clouded by so much emotional and raw terror that his inner demons are the things that are holding him back. Once Max finds himself taking on the job of helping the women he joins forces with he returns to being the Max we know and love.

This film is extraordinary because it works on so many different levels. On one hand its an all out, full throttle action film along the lines of Indiana Jones, the audaciousness of the stunts sequences in the cars chases and fight scenes, give the film a technical brilliance but on the other hand Fury Road has subtleties with it's deeper themes of justice spirituality and redemption.

Fury Road, is a Bible story. An allegory for the modern age.

The first time we see the five "wives" together, they literally appear as angels. While the majority of characters are clothed in leathers, and heavy chains, the women are dressed in white linen.
The first time Max seems them, they appear to be a mirage, and even Max doesn't seem sure if he's dreaming, or if the women are really there. Immortant Joe is literally a depiction of the devil. Pure evil, with the heart and appearance to match. In another scene the heroes are literally saved by the Tree of life, and nature, and god's creation saves Max and Furiosa from certain death. Nature saves their machinery, when for decades, it has needed to be saved from it. There are deep themes of loss, hope, and inspiration throughout the film. There is poetry to the quiet scenes in Mad Max and There are also social political scenes which bear a prescience to world events and the nature of selfishness and selflessness and where the world could be heading, if people fail to hold onto their morals.

Some people feel that Fury Road is tame in comparrison to it's predesessors. I'm not sure which version of the film they saw, but the one I saw was a hard hitting flood blooded action film. At times the violence is too much, and as the film gets close to the end, one things tends to pile up on top of another. The villains in this film are deranged, and the films visuals depict a world of often frightening total madness. There are frequent scenes of violence against the women, there are two or 3 scenes in the film, which a very disturbing and at least one were I turned my eyes from the screen, and one which be may too much for some people to sit though. It may be a sign of the world we are now living in, that there haven't been calls for the rating certficate to be raised, or for some of these scenes to be cut. And this may be George Miller's point, that we have become so desensitised by events in the world around us, and that if we are not careful the madness of Fury Road could repesent the way the world becomes. In reality the world itself has become more barbaric and Fury Road not only reflects the increased hostility in the world but shows us what might happen if it were taken to it's endth degree.

Fury Road is cinematic Tour de force. The cinematography and lighting is stunning. Using a visual style rarely seen in film today. When so many big films tend to have the look of a music video Fury Road still takes time to establish shots so we follow the action and the story without being confused. The Music and sound effects in Fury Road are incredible. The roar's of the engines, and shifting of gears clanging of metal throughout the film's numerous car chases and battles reverberate around the cinema, creating an all encompossing feeling. You should prepare yourself before seeing Fury Road because the film's amazing sound is bombastic and
at times deafening. Likewise the score by Junkie XL works perfectly with the films relentless pace. It's a brilliant score, at times adrenline pumping, at other times heroic, bleak and operatic.

Mad Max Fury Road, might not be the film you expect and it might not be to everyone's tastes.
It's a different film to the other Mad Max films. Bigger in scope, more unreal, and unworldy.
It's an action film for a mature audience, and it pulls no punches. George Miller and his acting and technical team have created a film that's ambitious, exciting, jaw dropping, bleak, but also thoughtful. It truly is an experience. Made with Maximum effort, craftsmanship and Very Furious.


Mad Max Fury Road is in Cinema's now

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Avengers-Age Of Ultron In Cinemas May 1 2015

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