DECEMBER 12 2014

Mad Max Fury Road-The Trailer Of The Year Arrives


The new Trailer for Mad Max Fury Road arrived this week, and it's Amazing.

The film looks lighter, but just as action packed as the originals but seems to
have more of a comic book feel than the earlier films, with explosion coming in
comic book red. Incredibly well put together, the trailer bombards you with so many
images it's almost impossible to catch everything in the first viewing, and is accompanied by a well chosen, and brilliant piece of wagner esque classical music.
Only time will tell if the film is a reboot, or a sequel to the original films (I think it might be a reboot), but it definatey looks like a film, if not the action film to see next year.
Mad Max Fury Road opens in Theatres on May 15, 2014



UNDISCOVERED- The Young Liars-"One Eyed Jones"

Substance Abuse-Young Hollywood

"Young Hollywood" is a smooth new track from west coast rappers Substance Abuse. It's evocate themes take us on a journey of a young girl who finds out life in the city of angels, isn't everything she thought it would be, Eso and Subz act as a narrators to a track that's part social commentary on the modern selfie driven media culture and part classic mellow rap. The duo's flow is tight, and keeps the tempo going nicely so your left in tune with the themes covered by the song, without them
hitting you over the head with the subject matter.
Young Hollywood comes with a nicely shot sunlight video, but even without the cool urban visual, young hollywood paints pictures in your mind.

Young Hollywood is featured on the new album from the duo called "Background Noise", which also includes collaberations on Three Sheets To The Wind, with Sadat X
and contributions from KRS One, and many more.

Sub Music Cover

"One Eyed Jones", is a cool new track from pop rock band The Young Liars. Hailing from Jakarta, the band performed at the Midem Festival
in cannes in 2012, making it the first time an asian band had appeared
at the festival since the 1960s. One eyed jones, is the debut track from their debut album Rue Massena, and featuring a wicked guitar riff and thumping bassline which gets you going from the start.

The song also tells the story of a fiend of Rizki Ayro (lead vocals and guitar) who slipped into gambling and a betting addition that forced him to go into rehab. One eyed jones is a kind of supercharged johnny cash song for the new generation, and wouldn't be out of place in a tarantino film. Rue Massena contains 11 songs and is out on Demajors records.

28 11 2014


New Video, Lady Tamara "Pretender"

Welcome to "UNDISCOVERED", a new section featuring unsigned and up and coming musicians.
First up, Lady Tamara, a neo industrial soul singer from London. Citing Faith Evans and Chakha Khan
as two of her inspirations, Lady Tamara's new song "Pretender", receives the video treatment with a sleek
shine providing the backdrop to a vocal, that has been described as "real", and raw" Check it out at
Lady Tamara's official youtube channel

LTam.Pretender Video Still

Christian Berthelot for Phillipe Decloufe, Paris

ChristianBtFrance Nov 2014

copyright @ christian berthelot 2014

Photograph from Phillipe Decloufe's new production , at the National Theatre de Bregante. October 14 , courtesy of the wonderful photographer
Christian Berthelot

The Apple Of Oscar's Eye? Vanessa Hudgens, gives a Career best performance in drama"Gimme Shelter"

Gimme Shelter Poster

More than 2.5 million children, were homeless in America in 2013. At least 90,000 are homeless in England.

In Gimme Shelter, Vanessa Hudgens plays "apple", a teenager from an abusive home. Apple has spent the
best part of her formative years, being neglected by her mother, and abandoned by her father. Unable
to take any more of the suffering inflicted on her by her cruel drug addicted mom (a startling Rosario Dawson) apple flees to her estranged father, seeking the support that has been abscent her entire life.
Unable to resolve their irreconcible differences, apple finds herself homeless, walking the streets in desperation for food and trying to survive, while reaching breaking point. Her worries are compounded, when she discovers she's pregnant. Barely able to survive by herself, and faced with a child to care for, another cruel twist of fate, leads to the beginning of her personal redemption, and moral support from the sterling work of a preacher, played by James Earl Jones.

her trust in people shattered, apple is given an opportunity to rebuild her life, by a shelter for homeless teenagers, and pregant young woman. But apple's road to motherhood is not without further pain and we
are left wondering if she will ever make it to the other side, of the dark life that has been forced upon her.

Vanessa Hudgens delivers an incredible performance in Gimme Shelter. Her trademark hip glamour is completely abscent, as she disppears beneath the character, making apple seem real, and heartfelt.
She invests the role with compassion, and gives a heartbreaking performance. We feel every emotion apple goes through as she tries to overcome the odds that are stacked against her, and set an example for herself to become the good mother to own daughter, that her own never was. This is a tough film which deals with
homelessness, teenage pregnancy, loss, abuse, abandonment, betryal, and some heavy issues but there are moments of light relief, and hope, provided by apple's drive, to turn her life around, and the tough love
she receives from Jones' pastor, and the other girls at the homeless shelter, who provide a sense of sisterhood after an uneasy first encounter.

Like Halle Berry's Frankie & Alice, Gimme Shelter, is a film which didn't get the wide release it deserved while theatres are dominated by action packed blockbusters. But for all the lack of special effects, Gimme Shelter keeps you gripped from beginning to end, never quite sure which way the story is going to end, while
Vanessa keeps you rooting for apple, to make it out of the abyss.

A thoughtful, emotional and powerful film, Gimme Shelter deserves to see Vanessa rewarded with a gold statue come award season 2015, and raises awareness, and insight, of the struggle, that women like apple
go through, and how support from unexpected places, can lead to a better life.
Gimme Shelter is available on DVD now.



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