The Age of Wonder Begins

 Raps Rhymes Poetry From myself, Katsomaya

"Bad Gyal"

"Fake girl, in your art-i-fic-al, world
so burned out, ah, uh, bust lip upside your, head hurt
try to ruffle, my fur

so you think, i'm played?, cause i was running, late
but im, no slave, don't play, your games,
A Queen makes her own breaks

I'm the real Reb'l, takin bad to tha, next Level,
unexpendable, so dependable,
bad gyal, they call me bad gyal bad gyal, they call me bad gyal

think your bad enough to be my rival? i see you run as i make
my arrival
cause music's ready for this cats, revival
bad mamma cat, bad mamma cat

(c) Katsomaya/Soulkat Music/SG/ 2011

New October 28 2011

"Kat Rap"

  "July twenty ten, n it's five month's till snow time, better get ma ass in turbo,
n drop dem rhymes, drop dem rhymes, drop dem rhymes, them bitches want'in money,
aint bein nice, i might make them guest's of a sacrafice, clench ma knuckles, n rumble
jus like Jada, zap them noughts n blast dem walls like a space invader
backlash n backrash, chest pain aint in vain, time to get down on the DL, that promoter wants
me restrained!, but i defy the order, go commando with style, swish ma swash,
like the princess of the nile
dont bother, to wave your uzi, got a nice view of the sun, from my jacuzzi,"
(c) Katsomaya Soulkat/ SG/2010

"I'll give you a lil more"

Gimme what i want, n i'll give you, a lil more, don't like the way it is, then just leave
there's the door
follow me to sunlight, chase the bright burning lights, the melody of us
the arrangement is tight
show me what you got, let's turn teardrops into hope, dance towards our dreams
we aint never gonna stop.
(c)Katsomaya Soulkat Music/SG/2010

"A Different Kinda Hustle"

"Ooh-ooh bang ma paws on a wet steel drum, if your in the mood for a lil fun,
bad mamma kat's bout to shake it up
all this drama's startin to get a lil montinous now, you wanna box with me?
you need a lesson in sincerity, n im'a show you how
cross ma legs, that playa's tryin to look up ma skirt, a texas hold em, might make em cry
but god was just, and sent, the dust, by Mac make-up ,to the blind the young man's eye,
im on an inter-dimen-sional crusade of soul, dont you realise?"

(c) Katsomaya Soulkat Music/SG/ 2010

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