Minaj Monster

Whats that coming over the hill? Is it a Kayne West Video?

  Futureworld-What does it Hold?

Wats good SoulKats? Now that 2010 Is Gone n Done and we enter another year I wonder what
Genres will dominate, top the charts, which videos will be the most inventive
which Artist will inspire, and so on.
Twenty Eleven is i Hope, Twenty Heaven, ie Musical Heaven
thousand n ten was a sort of Meh, Commerical music has never sounded more processed and im SO Bored with that sound and all the Autotune scandals that have rocked the Business.
Did Gladys Night use it? Luther Vandross? Heck No, Tionne Tboz Watkins
sounded "scruffy" because the work was raw,
i wanna be able to differntiate a singer from another, Like Pac was so different to Snoop in terms of Tone, lets have some ORIGINALITY people!
maybe the Music industry needs to go back to Basics like Jerry Maguire said to Rod Tiddwell "lets show them the joy of the game" when it wasnt just about the money.
With that In mind the fabulous photo on the right is a reminder of why i Got into Music, the joy of its effect on people, to give you thrills n take you out of yourself
the joy of the creative process, as examplified by the fellow on the left.

"Monsters" Vs Aliens Vs Michael

The first big Video of the year has dropped, and Well its a Bomb Not THE Bomb, but A-Bomb, the first casuality of "Monster" Kanye wests new Gothic Mash up with Jay Z being
any sense of subtlety and good taste. Nicki Minaj (left) Has the lightest scene in the whole piece (despite her evil twin torturing and lapdancing her usual colorful self) elsewhere, Mysogany runs riot as severed female heads, models hanging by their necks and bodies all show up along with pvc clad werewolves thrusting their crotch. Whats happended to the Jay z i loved of "girls" fame, He used to have such swagger and flo and now its just all anger and evil images. (He did bust at the Vegas after Party tho On NYE, that was hot)
but Can we have the old Jay z back please? the one who awesome work on the
Bad Boys II soundtrack?
The video was roumered to have an MJ "Thriler" style vibe, but this has none of Michael's
stunning choreography, or melodies, Marilyn Manson rocks the darkness but however angry the music gets you stoked (if you like metal), "Monster" just leaves me numb and feeling like i need a bath. But maybe that was the intent.
If Videos like this continue to desensitise what will be the final salvo? I hope this video is Not a sign of what's to come this year and that Mrs Carter, Brings a breath of relief with some uplifting Music this year to counteract the Darkness.

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