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March 12


Friends i have not been able to update the news in the last week or so, I have been mad busy in the Studio working on something which, im really hoping creates some wonderful new performing and creative opportunities. Only time will tell, and the last week has been a rush to do this and that, at
times i have felt like i was in the movie "Who Dares wins" Ha
(Does the Lewis collins run down the hallway), its been frenetic, i hope i have exciting personal news in the near future and i will back with the latest Music news, previews and more, Very shortly, Stay tuned, and Stay Cool x

February 5

Breaking News-Whitney Houston passes away at 48

I cant believe im writing this, this morning, its early AM and the very sad new is, Soul woman, songstress, incredible performer, Amazing vocalist and yes, Diva, Whitney Houston has passed away age a mere 48.

Los Angeles Police Department are investigating the cause of Whitney's death, after she was found in Beverly Hills, it appears there are no suspicious circumstances, clearly the effect of Whitney's lifestyle will be taking into account as to her premature passing, and here i am again, writing about another Artist who has battled Drug and Alcohol additction, this is becoming all too frequent, but i want to concentrate on Whitney the Artist.

Whitney had just recently finished filming a remake of "Sparkle", the 70's rags to riches musical which has inspired several imitations, and homages, and from the press pictures, to the word on the street, Whitney was returning to strength and set to deliver a knock out performance (is set to deliver a knockout performance), and i feel like she has been robbed of the respect this performance looked set to earn her, or at least the chance for Whitney to experience it herself, and kind of Gracefully show up the worst elements of the press and public who have riducled her in the past.

Whitney lit up the television screen and speakers in the 1980's dazzling millions, with a high energy, fun, glossy performance in the "I wanna Dance with somebody" video, to this day, I wanna Dance With Somebody, embodies the carefree fun and optimisim of the Decade, an instant smash.
Like so many Soul singers, Whitney began her career performing in a church choir, (In New jersey), she was later signed to Arista, after being spotted singing in a New york nightclub with her mother, and went to work at the label with Clive Davis.
The only female performer to be featured on the billboard No1 chart position, seven times in a row, Whitney's career featured countless accolades
2 Emmy's, 22 American music awards, an incredible 400 plus awards in total.
but while her voice was one of the most recognizable and admired in the world, i want to talk about an aspect of her craft sometimes not given due attention, her performance,

In 1993-94, Whitney won the Soul Train, Sammy Davis jr award for,
Entertainer of the year, and she was an entertainer, slinky, sexy, with attitude,
while whitney's classic ballad's "Saving all my love for you", "One moment in time", and her cover of "I will always love you" were smashes with both fans and the industry, Whitney's presence, and attitude in "It's not Right, But it's Okay", "I'm every woman", and infectious spirit on tracks like "Step by Step", showed Whitney the Diva, at full force.

The opening of "Sparkle" when it arrives will not be the same without Whitney walking that red carpet, and all the more so given Aaliyah's attachment to the project, over a decade ago, i have seen a lot tonight ,
on the news, focusing primarily on Whitney's drug problems, focusing on her personal problems and little of Whitney's, craft with the exception of fans and Artists tributes. She faced the wrath of the mass media after her X factor performance in 2009, when she was clearly not fit, and also during
particuarly the Australian leg of her 2010 tour.

"Million Dollar bill", Whitney's last big single, which reached No. 5 in the UK Top ten, and while not critically acclaimed, showed again Whitney had'nt lost her talent for a crowd pleasing song, and i hoped a Jocelyn Brown, Martha wash Disco diva nightclub smash would lay ahead in the future.

What Pressures drove Whitney to constant personal battles only she, and
her friends and family know, she seemed to hold a lot inside herself , but when pressed by over intrusion, showed she was still a shrewd woman,
i listened to her Radio interview from a while ago with Wendy williams recently, and she read Wendy the riot act! ha ha

thoughts go out to Bobby Kristina, Bobby, and all Whitney's fans,
we will always want to "Dance with somebody"

Whitney Houston South Africa

Whitney Houston in South africa 1994

Etta James



Febuary 1,

"Hush, Hush"-Who is Replacing Nicole Scherzinger & Paula Abdul in XFactor USA Judge wipe-out

Paula Nicole Simon cowell

Simon Cowell has "lost" his mind "in a Groove", and it's murder on the Dancefloor, well, (no expense spared stage set up whachamagingy) as a Bonfire of the Glamourties, sees Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul Fired, FIRED? Say whaaaaat?
from the Xfactor USA. (otherwise known as the Simon cowell show)-
Kinda Good, but not as Hott as The Katsomaya Show, but with easily as Much Masscara, i think Simon likes "Neo-black", is Glamourties a word? if not i just patented it for the Dictionary-

But Whatchathinkabouthat? and What the Heck Simon!!? My favourite Girls gone?
There was talk in some media circles saying Nicole didnt have the chops to be a judge (what you mean she was'nt mean to people?), and Paula was too emotional, what do you expect both Paula and Nicole have been at the hard nosed end of Auditioing they know what it's like to face rejection, and despite being very succesful women, have not lost that touch, or gift of being able to identify with new cats looking for a break, who made this stuff up that judges have to be kind of cutting and at times obnoxious,?
Any mistake regarding Nicole's appointment to the Xfactor judging team, was that Nicole would perhaps have been more comfortable as Host, which is the role i would have given Nic, rather than see her go, Paula Abdul has been typically sweet in her response to her departure and says she and Simon will continue to remain friends inspite of his "business decision", both women were great mentors to their Acts, with Nicole she can at least now focus solely on her music, she has a part in "Men in black 3" This summer, and maybe a second album is now something Nic can work on, her talent is still obvious, for Paula, i hope she has something cool tucked up her sleeve, i would love to see another season of "Live to dance", but between ratings and budgets, that might not be a realistic possibility.
Perhaps we might see Paula lending her choreographic talents to a movie?

The Danger for the Xfactor USA itself is that it now follows the downward spiral of the British show, and that staged fights and headline wooing antics between the judges
overtake the content of the Show, it's search for new talent.
Any fan of the UK Xfactor knows last years judges spats will be more remembered than the performances because thats where the attention was driven, to the shows'
downfall. So, dissapointed about Nicole and Paula, but pleased it allows both ladies
the room to shine in their creative energies. as for replacements on the judging panel
the same Names as last year have been rolled out, Mariah carey, Elton john possible, but cant quite see Elton doing it, (Simon likes to be Diva no1), Cheryl Cole (after last year? wtf to that), i would like personally, to see Prince replace L.A. Reid, or Michael Bolton, a Male businessman who is also an Artist, and get's that side, Ciara could be a candidate because of her signing to LA's label, Toni Braxton, but who is going to take time off their tour/Creative music making schedule to do five, 6 months of Xfactor? who had been "needing a break"? who links, Cheryl Cole, with Simon? Top Shop owner Phillip Green, and LA Reid? who maybe needs to not make an Album
this year? Okay, and she keeps asking us "What's my name", because she does'nt seem to know...

Blade Runner & Prometheus Director Ridley scott, reacts to news that Pre Production On my Dance show is delayed.

ridley scott frustrated

Halle Berry to release her own Shoe line in March, 2012

Halle Berry Shoe Advert

January 26, 2012

Beyonce Red dress First appearance

February 11 Beyonce hits New york

Nicole December performance

January 26, 2012

She's still got it-Grace Jones strutts her Stuff at the Etam Paris Lingerie show

Grace jones etam show

Look at the Body! Grace Jones showed she's still bad, joining Gloria Gaynor, Chakha Khan, Sister Sledge and the Pointer sisters and a host of sexy Diva's (woop woop what a line-up), at the Etam Lingerie Fashion show In paris on January 23,

the French Diva brought out the Dramtic "Hurricane" single last year, and Rival'd Tina Turner in the best legs in showbiz stakes and styled her wardrobe with semi androgonous look she is famour for, One of the Music fashionista's of the 80s Grace is still fierce. I wonder what James Bond would say (Raises one Kitty Eyebrow)

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