June 25

Triumph, And Tragedy, The Art Of Dance, In Dangerous Times

Poetry in movement, passion, expression, just a few of the thing's Dance is all about, even in the toughest of time's the creativty and joy of Dance, as an artform, and source of entertainment, it's ability to uplift, and inspire, is eternal. Inspite of the challenges facing the country, The Kalamata Dance festival is continuing in Greece this summer, in what is now it's 18th year, taking place from July 12-19
with a programme of Diverse, style's of Dance, from across the world, including a performance of "Panorma", a piece from the respected choreographer, Phillpe Decoufle,

Taken from a performance of "Panorma", which will be touring at the Kalamata festival, take a look at these wonderful photographs's from Christian Berthelot, they really capture the colour and dynamism of the piece described as an "original piece which flirts with poetry and humour" and includes such innovations as a costume becoming part of the scenery, a film dissolving into a shadow, brilliant ideas.


Art is a great unifier, and creative expression essential to cultures, and people when people are facing such economic, and social challenges, we are today.
Phillipe Decoufle's "Panorama" is just part of a packed programme of Dance events, at this year's Kalamata festival, for more information, go to


Photo's (c) Christian Berthelot

June 15

She's back! Nicole scherzinger returns to the X Factor UK, as fourth judge

After rumour's of Cheryl cole, Danni Minogue, Rita Ora and many more, Nicole scherzinger, Momma pussycat herself,
has been confirmed, as the permanent fourth member, of the judging panel for the X Factor UK.

I was one of the first to break the news on Twitter, on thursday, (dontcha know), since then, some people in the media have been on the attack, citing Nicole's return to the
X Factor, as an act of desperation, because her album, blah blah, as far as i'm concerned, those people criticising Nicole don't know what they are talking about,
I was really disappointed when Nicole, and Paula Abdul, were fired, let go, whatever from the X Factor USA, earlier this year, both women were two of the main reason's i watched the show, so i'm really pleased that, Scherzy is back in the UK for a lengthy period of time, to bring her glamour, sense of fun, and mentoring skills, to the Hit, UK TV talent show.

I've been supporting Nicole since 2005, when i was playing
the Pussycat Dolls, in a swanky wine bar, where some of the women were too "delicate", to get down and get jiggy, i knew right away that they were going to be huge, and i measure talent on things, other than paycheque's, and how many No.1 single's someone has had, i support the people i believe in, and i believe in Nicole, so it's a delight to have her back.

June 5 A Queen For All Ocassion's Grace Jones

June 15

Jennifer lopez launches world tour in Panama

June 6

Nicole Scherzinger, Set to rock Tao, Las vegas

June 14

Bad Mamma Cat, Back in the Studio

I've been back in the studio this week friends, going through tracks for new podcast, going down a funky house tip, i was going to threw some breakbeat in as well, but not quite sure,
it was going to gel, so we'll see what happens with that.
I have been listening to some really nice new vocal House,
and Deep house, which has been reminding me of the records i used to play from Diffusion, and peppermint, good old House music label's. So look out for some fresh, funky soulful Dance music vibes, with a touch of original class thrown in, and the usual suprises you can expect from Dj Soulkat.

Nicole Scherzinger, is set to rock Tao
Las vegas, on June 23, lookout for a full rundown
soon after, at the Katsomay show
for more details go to


Jennifer lopez has released Goin in, ft Flo-rida, the song features on the Soundtrack to Dance movie
"Step Up-Revolution", released in cinema's from Summit entertainment/Lionsgate on July 27,
the track is just the kind of upbeat summer anthem, that will get your feet goin, and a great accompaniment to the movie, which, if you seen the Trailer, is going to showcase some spectacularly off the chain dance sequences.
You can buy it on I-tunes, the official video is expected soon.
Jlo is on fire at the moment, delivering the best performances of her career so far, this year, keen to see how the video
turns out.

Jlo also visited the Panama Hospital del Nino, where she donated Telemedecine equipment, that will allow
pediatricians to share diagnostics with the childrens hospital in Los angeles, Jlo is preparing the first show of her live tour.

June 14

Jlo Goin in, for Step up Revolution

June 5 A "Missed" Opportunity, For Transsexual Drama

The First episode, of Sky Atlantic's, New Hitwoman Drama
"Hit and Miss" screened on the channel last week, This is a Hitwoman with a difference, (or maybe not,
depending on your view), for Mia, as played by Chloe Sevigny is a Transsexual.
Sharing more than a common theme or two with 2011
Zoe Saldana Action Thriller "Colombiana". Hit and Miss began in a stark cold, fashion, as the title character, on the top of Dark, dimly light, multi level parking lot, shot a man, coldly in the back.


Unlike Zoe Saldana's, Cataleya Restrepo,
(Avenging the Death of her family, at the hand's of Gangster's), Mia's motives are unknown.
It's made clear to the Audience at the start of Hit and Miss, that Mia is Transgender, by way of a nude scene, which has
as much coldness as Mia's character, (no subtlety here guys)
After which Mia, goes to visit her Mobster boss,
who describes her lovingly as a "Fu***** machine", in his Nightclub (can't be Mafia without owning a Club, Capisce?!),
where she learn's she is a mother, and that the woman
she fathered, mothered? her son with? confused? You will be! (#Soap), is ill, and dying, making 24hrs in Mia's life, more stressful than 48, in Jack Bauer's. Just to prove how hard she is again, Mia goes back to her dingy Apartment, smokes, Oh this gal smokes like an trooper, in almost every scene, her Assassin Codename could be, Malbrough, and Hit's her punchbag weedily, (Cataleya could take this girl in five second's), before driving off to visit her Ex lover, and mother to her children, (i guess this could have been a Comedy "My Two mom's", Instead of My Two Dad's) where she inform's the Kids, matter of factly, "I Used to be a man once", and "I'm a woman trapped in a man's body". Just like that.

I Think you can tell by now, Hit and Miss is cliche central, and full of stereotyping of Transgender women, we even get to
see Moody' Mia, do a bit of torchlight, crooner singing down at
Tony Soprano's, because Trans woman are all angsty and hormonal right? Uh! This first episode gave me such a headache, i'm am so bored, of having all the Transgender cliche's dragged out before an Audience, on the rare occassion a Trans character, is given time on TV, Firstly the entrance to Mia's character, immediately loses any sympathy with the Character right there, shooting a man in the back, is about the most cowardly thing someone can do, so right away
your alienating the Audience, maybe it was done for shock value, but that seem's to be Hit and Miss's, modus operandi'. to shock, such as the scene, where Mia undresses, purely to beat the Audience over the head with a sledgehammer, that Mia is Transgender, by showing her breasts, and flashing her piece for five second's (I'm not talking about her gun, Capisce?!"), I'm not being sarcastic here, well, i guess i am,
but i have to be, because i dont want this turning into a rant.

Hit and Miss, is another production, which so far, (this first episode) re-enforce's every negative stereotype portrayed by the Media, that Transgender/Transsexual woman, are selfish, cold, schizophrenic character's. every time i see a Transgdener person in the mainstream news, it's always someone who has attacked someone, or been attacked, or is a victim, so Producer's take note, because it's 2012 Hello!
Where are the Transgender lawyer character's? Artists? The Julia Robert's roles?

There's a beautiful moment in "Colombiana", where Zoe Saldana's tough assassin, Cataleya, relunctantly let's her guard down, allowing her boyfriend, to be tender with her, her femininity, (Despite Cataleya always being slinky in film) truly comes through, and her tough, aggresive nature drops for a moment, it's romantic and warm, and there is none of that to be found in Hit and Miss. Chloe Sevigny (Mia), is a good Actor no doubt, but between her performance here, and the writing, it's as if she's been told to Act overtly butch, because she is a Woman, playing a Woman who, was born a man. (Which she emphasises with no subtlety at all, to her new found children), who now and again, flashes a fake, prostethic penis,
and goes around killing people. Shock tactics.

There was nothing, to inform the people watching about what a Transgender person is, what they feel, or even Mia herself, other than, she took time out from shooting people in the back, to visit her Dying one time girlfriend, so perhaps she
has some, empathy.

During Casting for Hit and Miss, a call was put out by the Producer's seeking an "Unknown" Transgender woman, with no Acting experience, to play the part of Mia, knowing the Business, i kind of found it Hard to believe, that a
Tv Company would risk a (reportedly) expensive TV show, A million pound's plus minimum, on an unknown, inexperienced lead, but wether this was merely,
A publicity stunt, it has robbed someone the chance to bring some depth, grace, and humility to the character. Hit and Miss
is as old, as it's look, it's pin sharp photography, let down by A Dated visual look borrowed from the 70s, care of every east end gangster film ever made.

Producer's, the next time someone makes a Transgender themed Drama, it's time for something new, to come into the World.


"Ive got my piece in my hand".. You've got your what in your hand?

Grace Jones, Stole the Show at the Queen's Diamond
Jubilee, yesterday.
With an amazing outfit, to match her Amazing hmanar hmanar
year old Body (Hey, a lady never talk's about her age right)
Grace, the Orig-i-nal Agent provocateur of theatricality, treated the crowd to her hula hooping skills, while belting out the classic "Slave to the Rhythm"
The highlight of the night.

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